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Wilkies Chocolate is a Multi Award Winning Artisan Producer of Small Batch Organic Dark Chocolate. Our Wilkies range is dairy, gluten, soy and nut free and made with only three natural organic ingredients, cocoa beans, cocoa butter and cane sugar.

Every stage of production takes time, care and attention to detail, giving us total control in crafting our luxury organic dark chocolate.

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Wilkies Chocolate is based in Mallow, Cork. At Wilkies Chocolate, we all have a huge interest in where our food comes from, and the processes used to make it!

We care about our environment and the farmers who provide the quality crops we use. It is a priority for us to ethically source the finest Organic Cocoa Beans, ensuring that the farmers receive a fair price for their cocoa. All of our ingredients are organic therefore, no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are used in their production and the biodiversity that results from this type of farming is encouraged and preserved.

The chocolate we produce is made from single origin organic Criollo Cocoa Beans from Peru. Criollo Beans are a rare type of cocoa bean and are considered a delicacy worldwide. They are often referred to as fine or flavour beans as they have a very distinct and complex taste, and they have a natural secondary flavour which is often fruity. This inherent flavour of the bean will depend on the region it is grown in and the year the crop was harvested.

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Gould’s Hill House,
Old Cork Road,
Mallow, Co. Cork,

From our Wilkies organic chocolate to our Aunty Nellie’s traditional Irish sweet and gift shops – one thing is certain, we know our confectionery.